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Places With The Highest UX Designer Salary Updated (2020)
by Tim Moad
15 Jun 2020
7 min read
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As industries mature, many companies have started to understand the importance of User Experience (UX). There is a direct correlation between a company’s financial growth and the investment they make into their User Experience. Every industry is on a constant outlook for competent people who can help them realise the true potential of UX.

If you are someone who is considering to make a career in UX, then you must be curious about the UX designer salary. While experience plays a significant role in determining your UX salary range, the location you are working in, and the company who employs you are also crucial aspects. This article digs deeper into:

  1. UX Designer Salay In Asia
  2. UX Designer Salary In Europe
  3. UX Designer Salary In America
  4. Conclusion

Before you begin your data binge, take a peep in the life of a UX Designer!

UX Designer Salary In Asia

Working in Asia can be one of the best experiences in your UX journey. With Singapore’s tech industry booming, there are a lot of UX related opportunities. An entry-level UX job in Singapore will fetch you an annual salary of around 43,200 USD. The other land of opportunity is Shanghai, where a UX designer can start their career with 32,000 USD.

While these salaries might look mundane when compared to the wages in the US, you need to take into account the cost of living in these countries. A better way of judging the real value of these salaries is to take into account the countries’ GDP per capita. In simple terms, GDP per capita is the average economic value of every citizen living in a country. If your UX salary is more than the GDP per capita of the Asian countries, your compensated is beyond fair in that region. 

According to the table above, the best Asian country, in terms of UX designer salary and GDP per capita ratio, is India. However, you may also want to consider the working culture and requirements of the countries mentioned above. Working in Shanghai would require you to enhance your Mandarin fluency. The same is true if you are looking to break into Singapore's tech industry because a lot of its work is done for China Mainland and Hong Kong consumer markets. Working as a UX designer in Hong Kong itself will enable you to ride its rapidly growing tech scene. One other advantage of working in Asia is that it has a very different culture as compared to the western world. This means that the everyday UX conversation won't apply in Asian companies. Thus, working here would be more challenging and will push your skill development to the next level. 

UX Designer Salary In Europe

UX design is a different ball game in Europe. Since the industry is more mature when compared to the Asian Markets, the salaries take a hike. However, your cost of living also increases! An important point to note is that European companies offer a lot more employee benefits as compared to other countries. While you may not be earning in 6 figures, the cost of employment will be more on the employer's side. 

As the table suggests, Switzerland pays the highest UX designer salary with a total of 103,955 dollars! Once again, you take into account the GDP per capita to have a perspective. Given that Switzerland is one of the wealthiest European countries with a GDP per capita of 81,975 dollars, a UX designer salary is rather fair! One other benefit of working in Switzerland is that it has comparatively low taxes as compared to other European countries. While countries like Germany have a tax range of about 45% - 50%, Switzerland’s Federal taxes, Canton taxes and City taxes combined amount to only 15% - 25%. Lastly, Switzerland happens to be one of those rare countries with no capital gain taxes. Thus you will be exempted from paying taxes on the money you make with stocks. 

Since Europe is a melting pot of various economies, there are also countries like Czech Republic where UX is relatively new. Thus, the tech ecosystem has a relatively less competitive job market. You may have a lot more influence working as a UX designer in Prague. Not to mention the experiences and knowledge gained in less competitive job markets which you can leverage to get into a senior position later on in your career. 

UX Designer Salary In America

When it comes to User Experience, United States of America is indeed the land of opportunities. Not only many tech startups are in constant demand of skilful UX designers, but also your career trajectory is very promising. Here is the breakdown of the UX designer salaries in various states of the US.

It would help if you kept in mind that working for a startup in the US may not fetch you the salaries mentioned above immediately. Our friends at Onward Search has curated a salary guide breaking down your UX designer salary at different stages in American companies.


It is an exciting time to be in the UX industry. To determine places in the world which will yield to maximum monetary benefits for UXers, you need to take into account many other factors like taxes, cost of living, rent, etc. Numbero can help you gather more information about the same, which will help you evaluate the most lucrative region for a UX designer salary. You may also want to compare UX Designer salaries all across the world to get more insight! 

Having said that, money should not be the only motivation for you to get into UX Design. The jobs in UX are known to be the most fulfilling. More and more professionals are switching into UX to find more meaningful work. If you are good at what you do, the money will follow regardless of where you work.

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